About us

About us:

Languages coach is an institution which offers language programmes, encourages cultural exchanges, and promotes professional trainings in order to allow our learners and partners to function in a globalised world. It was founded in São Paulo, Brazil in March 2013 by the foreign language teacher, entrepreneur and internationalist Diego Mathias.


Languages Coach aims to promote personal and professional development, to facilitate communication and interaction among citizens, governments, companies and foreign professionals by providing quality language teaching and spreading cultural, technical and scientific knowledge based on solid ethical values and service excellence.



“Become national and international reference in education, language teaching and cultural dissemination”



  • Ethics

  • Social Responsibility

  • Quality

  • Commitment

  • Respect

  • Entrepreneurism

  • Global citizenship

  • Freedom of speech

I found out about Languages Coach in 2014 and, initially, started to practice English with conversation classes. My grammar level was advanced, however, my speaking skills didn’t match it. Thanks to Languages Coach it improved noticeably. That helped me a lot, because one of my objectives was to travel and be able to communicate with people. As a result, I managed to visit many countries and made new friends from all over the world.

The next step was learning Portuguese. My knowledge of it was as completely zero. I didn’t even know how to say “hi” or “good bye”. At first, we started working mostly through conversation again. Within just 2 months, I learned how to express myself in daily situations. Of course learning a language is something that requires lots of personal efforts, but I believe that good teachers are also one of the components of success. In my case, Languages Coach was the place for me. It taught me how to speak and understand native speakers of English and Portuguese languages, and it made me feel more confident. That was the greatest achievement for me – Not feeling afraid of speaking a foreign language anymore!

Liza Lakuntsova

Graduate student, Moscow State Linguistic University