Teaching Methodology

Languages Coach works with materials and methodologies from the most modern and renowned international education institutions to guarantee the best learning quality for our students in national and international contexts, to prepare them for proficiency exams (TOEFL / IELTS / DELF / DELE) and to reach the highest levels of the Common European Framework Reference for Languages so that they are able to function in foreign markets and universities.

  • English – Cambridge University, The United Kingdom
  • French – CLE INTERNATIONAL FR, France
  • Spanish –Ed. EDELSA – Spain

The teaching method combines technology, international reference materials and resources, more than 10 years of experience with students from different age groups, careers, countries, and the passion for languages, cultures, teaching and new discoveries.

All classes and communication with our students are in the target language, that is, since the moment of enrollment our students are introduced to a language immersion experience and their native languages are no longer spoken.

Diego Mathias was my teacher for four months. I loved his methodology and way of teaching. He gave me many tips to facilitate learning, such as watching movies and series and being in touch with English language every day.

Cibele Rodrigues Abrantes

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